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Natural Specialty Crops ULC is an experienced International Special Crops Exporting Company that originates all of its products directly from farmers and services end user importers in all consuming markets of the world.

Our team of experienced grain buyers, traders and contract executors have been in the Pulse and Legume industry for more than 20 years and our vast experience and relationships will guarantee that our farmers and world buyers will make the right connection selling and buying the best product at the best price.

Gildardo Silva
Natural Specialty Crops ULC.
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medium green lentils
large green lentils
small green lentils
dark speckled lentils
red lentils
canary seed
white yellow peas
whole green peas
navy pea beans
small black beans
pinto beans
Cranberry beans
golden flaxseed
brown flaxseed
Yellow Mustard Seeds
Brown Mustard Seeds
Yellow millet